Sports Trivia Questions And Answers, Check Out Sports Trivia Questions And Answers


Any competitive physical activity or game that tries to use, maintain or enhance physical aptitude and skills while bringing enjoyment to participants and, in certain situations, amusement to spectators is referred to as a sport. Informal or formal engagement can improve participants’ physical health in sports. There are several sports, ranging from those with just one competitor to hundreds of players playing simultaneously, either in teams or individually. A physical exercise requiring expertise or strength. Included explicitly as sports are “racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, hunting, and fishing.” Everyone has a favorite sport they love to watch, from football to hockey. But only a few of them know about the details of each sport, so you can consider this article as a rapid-fire round to learn more about your favorite sport.

Sports Trivia Questions And Answers

The current sports trivia questions and answers range from simple questions for young children to complex ones that even the most ardent fans may now be able to solve. Additionally, they are divided into many categories of sports trivia quizzes, allowing baseball fans to find challenging baseball trivia questions, basketball fans to find intriguing basketball sports trivia questions, football fans to get unique football trivia facts, and more.

Sports Trivia Questions With Answers

1. What do you call it when a bowler makes three strikes in a row?

Answer: Turkey.

2. How many dimples does an average golf ball have?

Answer: 336.

3. Who has won more tennis grand slam titles, Venus Williams or Serena Williams?

Answer: Serena Williams.

4. Which boxer fought against Muhammad Ali and won?

Answer: Joe Frazier.

5. What sport is best known as the ‘king of sports’?

Answer: Soccer.

6. The Olympics are held every how many year?

Answer: 4 years.

7. How long is a marathon?

Answer: 26.2 miles.

8. In what game is “love” a score?

Answer: Tennis.

9. What does NBA stand for?

Answer: National Basketball Association.

10. What sport is a lot like softball?

Answer: Baseball.

11. In football, how many points does a touchdown hold?

Answer: 6 points.

12. In soccer, what body part can’t touch the ball?

Answer: Hands.

13. Which of the following sports does not use a ball? Golf, tennis, hockey, or polo?

Answer: Hockey.

14. A sporting event is held every year on Memorial Day. What is it?

Answer: Indianapolis 500.

15. How long is the free skate in figure skating?

Answer: Four and a half minutes for men, four minutes for women.

16. What is the nickname of the Australian cricketer widely considered the greatest batsman of all time?

Answer: The Don (Don Bradman).

17. Who was formerly known as Cassius Clay?

Answer: Muhammad Ali.

18. How long is an NFL pitch?

Answer: 100 yards (91.44m).

19. In sports, what does the term ‘GOAT’ generally refer to?

Answer: Greatest Of All Time.

20. In which international sports league would you find the ‘Knight Riders’?

Answer: The Indian Premier League (Cricket).

21. What is the national martial art of Korea?

Answer: Taekwondo.

22. What team is considered the oldest in the NFL?

Answer: Green Bay Packers.

23. How much does an NFL football weigh?

Answer: 1 pound.

24. Who was the youngest player to score 10,000 points in the NBA?

Answer: LeBron James.

25. What team gets the advantage of the first bat?

Answer: The visiting team.

26. What is the most stolen base in Baseball?

Answer: Second base.

27. Which type of football is another term for soccer?

Answer: Association football.

28. What was the fastest goal in World Cup history?

Answer: 10.8 seconds.

29. What sport is called the “sport of kings”?

Answer: Polo.

30. Which golf tournament did Tiger Woods win by 12 strokes cementing his first-ever major championship win?

Answer: The Masters.

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