New Anti-AI Art Generators Tool to Protect Artists! Here's How Glaze Software Works

A new anti-AI art generator tool has been created by a team of experts from the University of Chicago. 

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A picture taken on May 5, 2022 shows a painting painted by Bob Dylan, presented in the exhibition galerie designed by Richard Rogers at Chateau La Coste Art Center, in Le Puy-Sainte Reparade, southeastern France.

Computer scientists behind the new software designed their tool to protect artists from the rising artificial intelligence. 

For the past months, more and more AI models are being released. Some of them can generate images in just a few seconds. 

Because of this, many painters, photographers, and other artists shared their concerns as these AIs can easily copy their works. 

To solve copyright issues, new software arrives to protect artists from AI image generators. 

According to UChicago News, the new software is called “Glaze.” 

New Anti-AI Art Generators Tool to Protect Artists! Here's How Glaze Software Works

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Artist Albina Yaloza stands with her work on sacred themes for an exhibition dealing with the metaphorical concept of the “heavenly army”, i.e. angels, cherubim or archangels, which make up the Lord’s army being shown in Shevchenkivskyi grove on August 26, 2022 in Lviv, Ukraine. 

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This anti-AI art generator tool works by cloaking images, preventing artificial intelligence to learn their unique features and artist styles. 

“Artists really need this tool; the emotional impact and financial impact of this technology on them are really quite real,” explained Ben Zhao, a computer science professor who led Glaze’s development. 

Zhao said many of their students decided to drop out of school because they believe that the art industry has no future, especially since many reports stated that artists’ styles are getting ripped off by new AIs. 

With the arrival of the Glaze software, many aspiring artists and long-time professional artists can feel more secure.  

How Glaze Software Works

Involved researchers said that their new Glaze software works by relying on style transfer algorithms. 

This tech works by changing the art style used by artists in their works. 

For example, you drew a landscape using the pointillism technique. Glaze will change this by recreating your artwork using other methods. 

These include watercolor, cubism, and other popular art styles. The New York Times explained that the output that Glaze provides is almost the same as the original artworks. 

However, since the style has been changed, AI models, such as Stable Diffusion, won’t be able to detect something different. 

Thanks to this, artificial intelligence can no longer mimic the art copies provided by Glaze, allowing artists to safely post their works online. 

Although AIs are quite advanced, they can still lead to serious issues. 

Recently, the Stable Diffusion AI lawsuit is expected to create more problems if the court favors the “fair use” argument. 

We also reported how Google Bard made a huge mistake after providing false information about NASA’s JWST. 

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