Eurostar Urges Customers to Reset Passwords Following Security Loop Issue

High-speed rail service Eurostar is aware of the situation of some users who are getting locked out of their accounts.

As the company continues to improve the security of its users, there’s a new problem that reportedly hit them this week.

Some customers are experiencing an endless loop in resetting their passwords as they could not figure out a way to get out of it.

Eurostar Users Encounter Problems in Account Log-ins

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Illustration picture shows the new Eurostar logo of Railway company Eurostar Group, at the Brussels South – Bruxelles Midi – Brussel Zuid train station, on Tuesday 24 January 2023 in Brussels. In May 2022 high-speed railway companies Eurostar and Thalys announced a merger, forming the Eurostar Group.

According to a report by TechRadar, Eurostar has emailed its customers that they should reset their passwords to set up their accounts once again.

The official email from the company includes a link to the page where these processes can be accomplished. However, some users think that it won’t push through because an error message always pops out on the website.

“Sorry, we’re having a few technical problems so we can’t send the email at the moment. Please try again a little later,” the error reads.

As a result, many of them grew frustrated and raised their concerns on social media. Some said that they could not access their accounts because they are already “locked” in place. The same people reportedly requested a new password.

Could This Be a Data Breach?

A few days ago, Bleeping Computer reported that some customers were worried about the technical issue. It’s possible that this new problem can be a security flaw that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Since all they see is a password reset prompt that appears to be not working, the customers think that they are stuck in an endless loop. This particular issue restricts their access to their accounts.

Because the problem is still unsolved, some users assume that this might be a security breach. Others believe that the Eurostar email could be a form of a phishing scam to lure the victims into linking an empty link. Before this password prompt issue, Club Eurostar members are already complaining about the lost bookings on the website. Out of nowhere, the records on the system disappeared. To solve the issue, the company suggests users clear the cookies from their computers/devices before resetting their password.

If the problem persists, the users should register again with the same email address for their account. Unfortunately, some customers said that all of the solutions did not work on their part.

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Brexit Passport Rules Are Punishing Eurostar

Across the UK, Belgium, and France, Eurostar trains are traveling daily. However, the current set of policies issued by Brexit prompted the firm to run with empty seats.

According to a previous article by The Guardian, only 350 out of 900 seats are left unsold during the operation despite the “huge demand” from foreign visitors.

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