Apple AirTag Saves the Day for Carjacking Victim After Failed Car Heist

Apple’s famous AirTag tracker has become the key for the suspect to fail in his carjacking attempt. 

While he has no idea how to drive a car with a stick shift, things just got pretty intense when he escaped the crime scene with the car keys.

AirTag Led to the Arrest of the Carjacker

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An Apple Airtag tracker became the key to arrest a man who attempted to carjack a woman.

It’s important to organize your plan before doing something you can never go wrong with. If it’s a task that will change your life forever, then you should make no mistake because there’s no turning back in life.

That’s what happened to a Chicago carjacker who failed to flee from the police when he learned that he couldn’t drive a stick shift, according to CWB Chicago.

Andrew Moran, the 25-year-old suspect, told the victim that he needed the car because if he doesn’t do that, someone will kill him.

As expected, the woman became more cautious of the suspect who turned out to be clueless about driving her car. In fear that Moran might shoot her, he immediately got out of the vehicle and dialed 911 for help.

When Moran was already inside the car, as AppleInsider reports, he barely moved the Audi A3. The authorities learned that the carjacker was not familiar with driving a car with a shift stick.

Because he could no longer get away with the stolen car, Moran finally gave up and escaped right away, but it was already too late.

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Police Tracked Suspect Through AirTag

Moran managed to flee the scene as he rode the Chicago-bound Blue Line train. However, he was not aware that the authorities knew his whereabouts. It’s all attributed to the attached AirTag to the victim’s car keys.

Using the Find My App, the police were able to detect the exact location of Moran. By relying on the data from the application, the suspect was quickly arrested before he managed to go to another location.

In another report by NBC Montana, prosecutors said that Moran kicked the other cops and spit on the face of one officer at the time of arrest and when he was already at the police station.

Aside from hijacking, Moran will face charges of aggravated battery for the officers he kicked. 

According to Judge Charles Beach, the carjacker will be held with a $15,000 bail deposit for the crimes he had caused to the woman and the authorities.

Moran learned his lesson the hard way: stealing a car won’t be easy if you’re not used to driving a stick shift, according to 9to5Mac. Finally, it’s not ideal to carry a car key if there’s a tracker that you can barely see.

Outside the US, an AirTag helped the Aussie police to confront two teens who allegedly stole some weapons including a pistol.

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