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3 Ingredient Banana Pancake Recipe

For the people out there, here is a delicious recipe that you can prepare and enjoy with your loved ones, friends and family. So pancakes are usually common food that can be bought at any shop and can also be done at home to. But when it comes to Banana Pancakes something special, and definitely there won’t be people who don’t love Bananas. So eventually when you make something interesting that includes a Banana in it, people will love to enjoy it a lot. So read this full article to know how the recipe is being made and what are the steps involved in it.

Steps to Make 3 Ingredient Banana Pancake Recipe

So in order to make a 3 Ingredient Banana Pancake Recipe, you need these three main ingredients to enjoy the taste of the Banana Pancake. The ingredients are:

Using these ingredients, you can prepare a Banana pancake easily at home. If you are craving pancakes at home, and when you are a Banana lover then definitely this recipe will impress you a lot. Following are the steps to make a 3 Ingredient Banana Pancake Recipe.

  • Take a overripe Banana and remove the peel off, and with a fork nicely smash the Banana into a fine paste without any crumbs in a bowl.

  • Then add 2 eggs along with the smashed Banana and beat nicely with the beater, until the Banana and the eggs get along well into a good batter consistency.

  • And the last ingredient, 1/4 flour needs to be added to the mixture and mix well with the paste to turn into to fine batter without any lumps in it.

  • The Final step to prepare the Hot Banana pancake is to spray some oil on the pan and pour a spoon full of Banana pancake mixture on the pan and wait for it to get cooked for around 2 mins.

  • Then the Tasty 3 Ingredient Banana Pancake Recipe will be ready.

Get yourself indulged with the healthy 3 Ingredient Banana Pancake Recipe and also share it with your friends and family members too.

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